Getting It Wrong: Error, Fallacies, and Saving Face in Higher Ed

Collegium is currently working on a book proposal on the general topic of “Getting It Wrong in Higher Education.” For this project, we are interested in gathering thoughts and connections on questions like the following:

Why are mistakes, miscalculations, frailties, and failures so infrequently discussed in higher education?

As an employment sector with such a positive, learning-centered mission, why is it that higher education can often feel so ungracious and unforgiving?

What patterns of error can be recognized within higher education collaboration and practice? What might be the root causes of these errors, and how might they be addressed?

How can error be made “a feature, and not a bug”? That is, are there mindsets or approaches to error that might enrich and inform individual and collective practice and growth?

Finally, what are your own experiences with “getting it wrong” as a higher education professional? Feel free to offer stories, guiding precepts, or any other insights.If you’d like to be contacted or cited for your thoughts within this project, please leave your name and contact information below, and we’d be delighted to continue the conversation. If you prefer to remain anonymous, we’d still love to hear your thoughts.

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