The Collegium Difference

Higher education is our life’s work

For too many consulting firms, higher education seems like an afterthought—their business lies in multiple industries. But at Collegium, college is all we do. We understand intimately, from decades of experience, the unique contexts and challenges of American higher education. Your challenges are unique to the academic environment, and we arrive perceptive and prepared.

We keep it personal

Sometimes people perceive consultants as detached outsiders—cold, impersonal, distracted by a roster of interchangeable clients. In contrast, we believe in the power of authenticity, vulnerability, and presence. We build quality long-term relationships, and are rehired as often as we are hired. (See “One Client’s Story” for an account of one of our long-term relationships).

Communication is key

One of the most common pitfalls of academia is its unintentional reinforcement of the silo effect. Administrators, faculty, and staff too often feel as though they play for different teams. We believe that no higher education problem can be examined or solved without the input of all the players, and that no department, division, or area is an island. Building trust, engagement, and connection among diverse stakeholders is always key.

Less talk, more action

While we believe in the power of connecting, we’re not all talk, and we don’t believe in meetings where nothing moves forward. Our model is “action research.” Our goal is to produce both immediate and long-lasting results from the moment a project begins. But at the same time, we don’t rush or stint on process—we see consulting as coaching, and we both listen and act.